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Kukiz Clicker Kukiz Clicker

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game!
Needs some Improvements.
For example:
More Medals.
More Upgrades.
Shop Icon (Find Upgrades there)

Good things:
Great Graphics.
Suddenly becomes addicting after a While!
You care for the Homeless (Poor people)
Adds for money!

Also,I would love to help with it. It is a great game so far. I think you should make sure you put at least more time and effort into it. You do want it as the Top game right? So,If you want me to Help,Or you like this comment just tell me. I'm not sure If you'll reply but this is a great game...So think about it Okay?

reczek1 responds:

THX M8! _B_E_S_T_ review I had. I abadoned the project but I think I will come back to it because of you. Once again thanks for support!